Reflecting on the Remarkable Achievements of 2023

As we embark on a new year, we can’t help but pause and reminisce about the incredible journey that was 2023. For Green Field Marketing, it was a year filled with monumental milestones, unforgettable experiences, and groundbreaking successes. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the highlights that defined our journey:

Green Day at Windsor Park National Football Stadium:

Picture this: our entire team, gathered amidst the electric atmosphere of Windsor Park National Football Stadium for a day of team-building like no other. Laughter, camaraderie, and a shared sense of purpose echoed throughout the stadium, setting the stage for the extraordinary year that lay ahead.

Boost Drinks 20th Birthday Celebration at the Titanic Hotel:

Twenty years of innovation, flavor, and energizing moments—what better way to celebrate than at the iconic Titanic Hotel in Northern Ireland? Surrounded by our partners, colleagues, and friends, we raised a toast to Boost Drinks’ remarkable journey and the enduring impact it has had on countless lives.

FMBE Silver Award for Best Product Launch – KP Snacks Epic Eats:

The thrill of victory filled the air as we proudly accepted the Silver Award for Best Product Launch at the prestigious FMBE awards. Our hearts swelled with pride as we reflected on the tireless dedication, creativity, and passion that went into the launch of JP Snacks Epic Eats—a momentous achievement that reaffirmed our commitment to excellence. Yous can read more about the 4 FMBE awards we were shortlisted for in 2023 here.

Expansion to London with the Opening of Our London Office:

London, the heartbeat of innovation and opportunity—a city pulsating with energy and endless possibilities. It was only natural for us to spread our wings and establish a presence in this dynamic metropolis. The opening of our London office marked a new chapter in our journey, enabling us to forge deeper connections with clients, partners, and communities across the UK. Our London Office address can be found here.

Launch of a Full-Time Team of Boost Drinks Field Reps in London:

Londoners, brace yourselves for a boost like never before! With the launch of our full-time team of Boost Drinks Field Reps in the heart of London, we’re bringing the energy, excitement, and unmistakable flavor of Boost Drinks to every corner of the city. Get ready to experience the boost firsthand!

Expansion of Our Head Office Team:

The heart and soul of Green Field Marketing lie within our incredible team of passionate individuals. That’s why we were thrilled to welcome three new full-time members to our head office family. With their unique talents, perspectives, and expertise, we’re poised to achieve even greater heights in the years to come.

The Hundred Cricket Tournament with KP Snacks:

Cricket fever reached new heights as we joined forces with our esteemed clients, KP Snacks, as proud sponsors of The Hundred Cricket Tournament. From the iconic grounds of The Oval Cricket Ground in London, we cheered, celebrated, and witnessed history in the making—an experience we’ll cherish for years to come.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, valued clients, and unwavering supporters. Together, we’ve proven that with passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, anything is possible.

Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration, and endless possibilities. Cheers to the journey ahead!