Introducing Green Field Marketing Solutions – the new name for FMCG field sales in Northern Ireland – brought to you by the ex-PRL team, NR talks to new MD Russell Johnston Green Field Marketing Solutions is the exciting new venture for the ex-PRL team in Northern Ireland. Under the leadership of Russell Johnston as managing director, Martin Rice as operations director and Lisa Curran as financial director – the trio have bought over the share holdings in PRL, to launch their own field sales solutions under the Green Field Marketing Solutions name. “Between the three of us we have over 50 years’ experience” said Russell. “I like to think we are bringing real substance and experience to our clients.”


The majority of the PRL field sales teams serving Northern Ireland have been brought straight into the new venture – thereby assuring clients of continuity as far as possible. “Everything we do is about growing our clients’ brands – we commit to being vigorously results driven,” Russell explained to NR. “While we are now a separate company from PRL we will continue to work in partnership with them – they’re a fantastic company.” Russell – who has over 20 years’ experience in the field marketing industry, was part of the team that sold the business to PRL in 2016. Now, along with his two partners, they have completed the acquisition of the NI business.


“While we’re now a lot smaller company with Green Field Marketing this brings huge benefits in that we will be able to pivot, to move quickly and be more agile in responding to our clients’ needs in Northern Ireland. “We’ve already made a few changes and have some exciting developments in the pipeline. We’ve implemented some software changes and faster technology already but we will keep focusing on driving technology forward.


It was a very amicable transition as Russell explained. “We are steering the ship now – with an excellent team on board both in the office and the field. The response from our clients has been really heartening – they are delighted for us.” Green Field Marketing will continue to work with its many and varied clients – from the big names like KP Snacks and Dale Farm to the smaller clients – the full spectrum of FMCG is covered. “We want to drive the convenience and impulse sales for customers. Our existing sales teams know their clients’ business needs and can respond swiftly to the market. It’s a fast paced sector, and now with improved technology we can drive sales forward.


“Our sales teams are resilient and driven. We have a fantastic office and admin team too and we are improving how we operate all the time.”


Green Field Marketing Solutions will be moving shortly too into a brand new suite of offices at River House in Belfast’s High Street to allow for a hybrid working pattern, a flexible mix of office and home – reflecting the changing nature of the workplace.


“We are the partner for our brands but our ambition is to increase sales for all parties involved. We want retailers to be delighted to see a Green Field Marketing Rep come through their doors, and for wholesalers trust us to work with their retailers to increase the cases being pulled from their warehouses. They need to know that our field sales teams are the best, that they can come to Green Field Marketing to fulfil their needs.”


“The teams we have already really are the cream of the crop. Applicants to our teams know they can build solid careers with us – we recognise talent, then coach and develop their potential with Sales training and building experience in the market. “Over the years, some of the most successful and senior people in FMCG started out as merchandisers with our company.


“Ultimately clients will trust us to represent their business and see us a safe pair of hands to help grow their brands.” What key message would Russell Johnston want to give NR readers? “We exist to grow your brands,” said Russell “Working in partnership with our clients is the key – we share their core brand values.

ENTHUSIASM Leading the new venture, Russell is particularly excited about the future. His enthusiasm, positive energy and commitment to the company is clearly evident. “I’ve worked my way up and made mistakes and learned along the way,” said Russell. “I’ve also had great mentors and worked with real leaders in their field – some of them I still lean on and learn from. “We’re starting from a strong position and it can only get bigger and better. We believe that striving forward and investing in people and technology will be our core drivers. “We want to be the ‘go to’ company for any FMCG brand striving to succeed in the Northern Ireland Market.”