We are looking forward to hosting our annual Team Excellence Day next week! This year the event is taking place at the prestigious Windsor Park National Football Stadium in Belfast. Colleagues and clients are flying from all over the UK for this event and it will be a celebration of our team’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieving excellence.

The day will kick off with a meet-up, allowing us to gather and connect before the main event begins. The event promises to be a dynamic and engaging experience, offering valuable insights and opportunities for growth and development.


Here’s what our colleagues and clients have in store for them on the day:

Informative Presentations: Our agenda includes insightful presentations on various aspects of our business, including updates on current contracts. It’s a fantastic chance to deepen your understanding of our organization and gain fresh perspectives.

Motivational Speaker: We have invited a guest speaker who will inspire us with their unique insights and experiences. Their presentation will motivate us to reach new heights, and reinforce the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Team Building Activities: Engaging in team-building exercises is an essential part of our day. These activities will provide an excellent opportunity for sharing best practices, fostering connections, and strengthening the bonds within our team. It’s an occasion to collaborate, learn from one another, and enhance our teamwork skills.

These will be followed by a meal and live entertainment.


The day  presents an ideal opportunity to meet clients and colleagues from other departments and forge new connections across our organization. We believe that this event will not only be informative but also fun and engaging, creating a positive atmosphere where we can come together as a team to celebrate our achievements and also grow further together with our Core Brand Values at the heart of it.